Byron's run for pancreatic cancer

Byron Pappas / New York City Marathon

I am raising money for Let's Win Pancreatic Cancer and running in the New York City Marathon with their team this November 5th.
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    Carolyn Wehunt

    $50.00 / 2 days ago

    Thank you for running for all those can’t!!! You are an inspiration 😊

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    David Flitter (Gary Schueller uncle)

    $250.00 / 18 days ago

    Glad you're doing my favorite marathon for a good cause.

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    Charlene Eitzen

    $25.00 / 21 days ago

    Proud of you and excited to see you kick butt to help kick cancer's butt

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    Monica Lynn

    $50.00 / 68 days ago

    In honor of the Mendez family.

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    Jeffrey Joyce

    $250.00 / 79 days ago

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    Kathleen Opal

    $200.00 / 96 days ago

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    Stephen DeMaria

    $50.00 / 98 days ago

    Good luck! Thank you for allowing us to participate in supporting this great cause.

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    Robert Burke

    $50.00 / 104 days ago

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    Peter Ringlee

    $50.00 / 110 days ago

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    Sandra Pace

    $100.00 / 111 days ago

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    Raquel Garrido

    $500.00 / 114 days ago

    Byron, best of luck on the marathon!! We are proud of you and we are sure Tom would be proud as well! The Saralegui Family

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    Raptors Hockey LLC

    $250.00 / 116 days ago

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    Nakiya Cohen

    $20.00 / 116 days ago

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    Chandrakant Jalan

    $25.00 / 122 days ago

    Love you Tom

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    Chandrakant Jalan

    $50.00 / 122 days ago

    Nothing matters, love your family and friends

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    Chandrakant Jalan

    $25.00 / 122 days ago

    Nothing matters ,love your family and friends .

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    Renee Zalewitz

    $18.00 / 122 days ago

    Let’s win this race for a cure before pancreatic cancer claims any more of our loved ones.

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    Lydia Ocasio

    $50.00 / 123 days ago

    Best of luck on your upcoming race and for helping remember people that have passed because of pancreatic cancer.

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    Mark Herman

    $200.00 / 124 days ago

    Our thoughts and prayers are with your family and everyone who continues to fight pancreatic cancer. Mark & Deb -- American Solutions for Business

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    Dana Wise

    $100.00 / 124 days ago

    Let’s go Byron! The Wises fully support you and this worthy cause.

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    $100.00 / 124 days ago

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    Martha Kegerise

    $10.00 / 125 days ago

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    Brian Eitzen

    $100.00 / 125 days ago

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    Steven Kieffner

    $50.00 / 125 days ago

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    Saif Rahman

    $50.00 / 125 days ago

    Once runner!! Always a runner!! Great cause

About Byron's run for pancreatic cancer

In 2019, my friend Tom lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. The way Tom lived his life and treated others was truly admirable. Tom completed the New York City Marathon in 2017, the year before his pancreatic cancer diagnosis. 

Running has been a hobby and a passion of mine for the past 25 years. The iconic New York City Marathon has been on my bucket list for years. I can't think of a better way to remember and honor my friend Tom than to raise money for Let's Win Pancreatic Cancer and run the New York City Marathon with their team this November 5th. 

Let’s Win breaks down barriers between patients, doctors, and researchers so that everyone diagnosed with pancreatic cancer has easy access to the latest information about the best treatment options. 

Please support me by donating to this amazing organization.